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Dealing with rosacea is not easy. Many people facing this condition are in a constant battle, trying to avoid triggers, and seeking out various methods to mask facial redness, visible capillaries, and various blemishes.

Treating Rosacea

Every person has a unique situation and level of the condition. A custom treatment must be developed to address each case. At Nassif Medspa, we provide several different treatments for rosacea, including:

  • Laser Genesis: This treatment penetrates deep into the skin to address the condition at a cellular level. This non-invasive treatment heats various skin layers to increase collagen production, as well as break down the damaged capillaries common in rosacea. The treatment is applied as needed for the specific case of rosacea and facial redness.
  • IPL Max G: The IPL Max G, which provides a light spectrum and energy to target dark spots, facial redness, and vascular lesions as are common with Rosacea. It requires 3 – 4 treatments.
  • Excel V: This is a laser treatment that is proven to be highly effective for the treatment of vascular lesions. A state-of-the-art treatment, the Excel V involves the use of a green laser to treat the visible blood vessels, blemishes, and facial redness associated with rosacea. It requires 2 – 3 treatments.

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Dr. Paul Nassif



A prominent face in the media, Dr. Nassif makes it his duty to educate the general public on plastic surgery and non-invasive procedures.

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