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As the years pass, sun exposure and genetic factors can leave facial and body skin covered with sunspots or age spots. These spots begin to appear on almost any area of the body, leading people to invest in cosmetics or creams in an attempt to hide them. Modern laser technology can now remove these spots, and restore a more youthful appearance to the face, hands, or other body part that has unsightly sun spots or age spots.

Treating Sun Spots and Age Spots: The Options

At Nassif Medspa, we have several advanced technologies we employ to treat and resolve age spots and sun spots for patients of any age. One of our treatments is called “Thermage.” This is a non-invasive therapy used to restore the quality of the skin on the face and body. Our professionals may choose one or more technologies to rejuvenate your skin. Another treatment we employ is CO2RE. As the gold standard of laser skin rejuvenation, this combines light and deep skin treatments in one session, so the skin is resurfaced and tightened at the same time, with outstanding results. Nothing brings us more professional satisfaction than seeing our patients looking 5 to 10 years younger after the treatment and recovery is completed.

- Medical Director -

Dr. Paul Nassif



A prominent face in the media, Dr. Nassif makes it his duty to educate the general public on plastic surgery and non-invasive procedures.

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